Born To Hand Jive
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Album: Glee: The Music Presents Glease
Released: November 6, 2012
By: Grease
Sung by: New Directions, Mercedes, Ryder, Mike and Kitty
Solos: Jake, Marley, Mercedes, Ryder and Kitty
Place: Auditorium
Episode: The Role You Were Born to Play
Born to Hand Jive from Grease is featured in The Role You Were Born To Play, the fifth episode of Season Four. It is sung by Jake, Kitty, Marley, Mercedes, Mike and Ryder with New Directions.

The song begins to play as Mercedes walks around them and tells them to start clapping. Mike and Mercedes lead them with the dance and the vocals. Kitty, Jake, Marley and Ryder often swap partners. Jake dazedly watches Marley when Ryder grabs her. Kitty watches jealously as Jake dances with Marley and Ryder enviously watches Jake. Kitty pushes Marley with her hip and Ryder catches her. Jake and Ryder nearly get into a fight, but Artie tells them to break it up and Mike comes in between them.

They continue to dance, New Directions hand-jiving with them in the audience. Kitty and Ryder pull off an impressive double cartwheel and hug. As the performance reaches its ending, Jake and Marley have a lot of chemistry, starting Kitty up. She heads towards Marley, but Jake grabs her in time and lifts her in the air, Marley joining Ryder instead. Jake looks at Kitty, asking her what's wrong with her. New Directions joins the stage at the end, dancing and singing along. Ryder and Marley hug at the end as everyone laughs excitedly, both Kitty and Jake look envious of Marley and Ryder's chemistry.


Mercedes:   Before I was born late one night
My papa said everything's alright
The doctor paid, my Mama laid down
With her stomach bouncing all around
'Cause the beebop stork was about to arrive
Mama gave birth to a hand-jive

Mercedes and Marley: I could barely walk when I milked a cow
When I was three I pushed a plow

Jake: While chopping wood I moved my legs
And they saw me dance when I gathered eggs

Marley and Ryder: The townfolk clapped, I was only five
Out-dance 'em all, he was born to hand-jive!

Mercedes: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah - everybody

Mercedes with New Directions, Ryder, Mike and Kitty: Born to hand-jive, baby
Born to hand-jive, baby

Mercedes: How low can you go?

Marley: How low can you go?

Ryder: How low can you go?

Jake: How low can you go?

Ryder: Higher!

Marley: Higher!

Mercedes: And higher, yeah!

Ryder with New Directions: Now can you hand jive, baby?

Ryder, Marley and Mercedes with New Directions, Mike and Kitty: Oh can you hand jive, baby? (Mercedes: Baby, yeah!)

Ryder with New Directions, Mike and Kitty: Oh yeah can you hand jive, baby? (Mercedes: Can you hand jive?)
Oh can you hand jive baby? (Mercedes: Baby!)
Oh yeah (Mercedes: Oh yeah)
Oh yeah (Mercedes: Oh yeah, yeah)
Oh yeah (Mercedes: Oh yeah!)

Ryder and Mercedes with New Directions, Mike and Kitty: Born to hand jive, oh yeah!

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